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I’m feeling a bit shaken today. Don’t laugh at me as I tell my story. :s Last night, my husband and I had a night all to ourselves because my wonderful parents offered to take the kids for a mid-week overnight and adventure. How awesome is that? We were thrilled! We were giddy wondering what … Continue reading


Not Your Birthday

“Mom, where are we going?” “The cities.” “Why?” “We’re going to Henry’s birthday party.” “Oh, yeah!” This conversation played out multiple times on the four-hour trip from Moorhead to the metro area this past weekend with my five-year-old Dylan. The question came up again after we got to the hotel in St. Louis Park, and … Continue reading

Doula / Wellness


I had the lovely opportunity to attend not one but two beautiful births as a doula recently. Though very different circumstances for the birth families and very different birth outcomes, each of the births had one theme in common: counterpressure. Both of the laboring moms I attended to this past weekend requested (and at several … Continue reading