Blueprint for Birth

Blueprint for Birth

Blueprint for Birth CThe best childbirth preparation classes in Fargo!

Evidence-based childbirth and postpartum education for expectant families in the Red River Valley.

-Have a Low Intervention Birth in the Hospital
-Prepare for a Homebirth
-Achieve a VBAC

Classes Held Monthly (Tuesday or Thursday option for the Natural Birth in the Hospital Class and a Saturday option for the Homebirth Preparation Class) at Mojo Fit Studios (1650 45th St. S., 2nd Floor Fargo, ND 58104) in the Prairie Stone Center.

pregnant-163611_1280Investment per couple: $250

Register at

Topics Covered in Class:

  • The Birth Process
    (What to Expect During Labor & Birth/Variations on Labor & Birth)
  • Natural Childbirth
    (Skills for Mother/Partner to Achieve Natural Childbirth Goals)
  • Finding Comfort in Labor and Birth
    (Physical and Emotional Comfort Measures & Positions for Mother)
  • Following the Birth
    (Breastfeeding, Newborn Care, Postpartum Self-Care)
  • BONUS! Register and receive Prenatal Wellness Workbook
  • BONUS! Join us for a Reunion Class after all the babies are born!

janellebrandonheadshotcolorMy name is Janelle Brandon and I am seasoned in many aspects of childbirth. I personally experienced two fulfilling natural births with the loving and patient support of my husband, doula, and skilled midwives in both the hospital and home settings. I am a Bradley Method graduate as well as a DONA-trained birth doula and midwife assistant.

Over the past five years, I have attended over 50 births as a doula and midwife assistant in the Fargo-Moorhead area and am certified in neonatal resuscitation. As a doula, I have assisted women and their families with everything from low/no intervention natural births to VBACs, twin births, induced births, planned cesareans, as well as with women that have experienced pregnancy complications and loss.

I have learned that no two women birth the same way and that it is important to plan and prepare for perhaps one of the most memorable events in your family’s life; the birth of your child. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, yet the Blueprint for Birth Childbirth Education Series helps families ease into the life-changing transition of parenthood with confidence and contentment.

Janelle Brandon, Instructor
(Bradley Method Graduate, Doula, Homebirth Midwife Assistant)




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