I’m feeling a bit shaken today. Don’t laugh at me as I tell my story. :s

Last night, my husband and I had a night all to ourselves because my wonderful parents offered to take the kids for a mid-week overnight and adventure. How awesome is that? We were thrilled!

We were giddy wondering what we should do first! Go out to dinner? Make out? Have a fire? The possibilities were endless! We finally decided to get a bike ride (for me) and run (for him) in before the sun went down. That way we could exercise AND chat! (More chatting for me, more exercise for him to be accurate.)

About a mile into the ride/run, I wiped out on my bicycle.  How humiliating. I am a grown woman who cycles frequently. I was wearing my helmet so my noodle is fine. I got a pretty decent road rash on my right forearm and the bike jabbed me in my bottom ribs and right hip where bruises remind me of my distracted cycling.

Both inner thighs sport matching bruises where the bike seat was unforgiving.

A couple of insights about this incident:

On the kindness of others
Three cyclists rode up shortly after I toppled. They were Eastern Europeans and spoke little English. The woman said to me, “I fell off bike yesterday. You take.” In her basket she had a bottle of water to wash my wounds and an antibacterial spray. Wow. The humanity of it all.

On getting back on the horse
After the adrenaline dump, I felt shaky and nauseous. And I sure as hell didn’t want to get back on the bike. I was wounded, people! But, Lukas got the bike chain unwound and working again and it was time to go. I rode home on the broken, wobbly seat in near silence with him jogging next to me. A very necessary time to reflect.

On feeling vulnerable
I’ve never been the victim of physical violence in my relationship. And for that, I am truly grateful. Right now, I feel beat up. My muscles are sore, road rash and bruises are apparent in the summer clothes I’m wearing, and I’m being gentle with myself. This morning, I kept thinking that my feelings must be just the surface of what a violated person must feel like after having their body messed with.

I’m a tough cookie and I’ll heal. So here’s the real question. Do you want to see a picture of my right forearm road rash?


5 thoughts on “Wounded

  1. I’m so sorry you hurt yourself! Listen to Miranda’s advice if you are really bruised up bad, okay? I’m proud of you for getting back on but I hope you get the dang seat fixed! I also hope you are all staying cool!

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  2. OHH my goodness, how awful!! My dogs dragged me down the side of the road a couple of summers ago and had road rash up and down the whole side of my right leg and it took all darn summer to get it to heal!! Ughh!! I feel for you!! Glad you are o.k.!!!

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