Water Reverence


An assortment of Brandons at Stavens Dam in rural Hatton, ND

Water. It’s life-sustaining. And so much more to me.

Water is my oasis. My children were born in the water. When I’m stressed, I draw a warm bath and feel my worries melt away. I love going for a kayak on a smooth-as-glass lake or diving into cool lake waters on a sweltering day. I take my exercise at the pool in the harsh winter months.

Watching the sun splash into the ocean at dusk on Sanibel Island was one of the most amazing sights of my life. Taking in the view of Lake Superior in Duluth gives me child-like joy.

Thankfully, the love of water is shared by my family.

Dylan’s first time on the tube.

My husband always stops for a fountain and mini-fountains have graced our dwellings over the years. They really are so fabulous and will gladly take your money and your wishes.

We stopped at the Pokegama Dam and Recreation Area near Grand Rapids on our way to Duluth a few weeks back. Our family all agreed that dam water was angry.

At Gooseberry Falls, the water selfishly tried to sweep my daughter away with a surprisingly strong current. Greedy water.

Jules at Town Lake in Frazee.

My children love to go to hotels with pools, take waterpark vacations, creek walk and stone cross, run through sprinklers, and watch rivers run. They’ve sampled neighborhood wading pools, and joined their friends and family on beaches throughout the tri-state area. They often end their days washing up and splashing each other in the bath. For my progeny, if an activity involves water, it’s a winner.

Thank you for reading my love note to water. I do declare myself the official spokesperson for water. If you feel a bit dry lately, just add water.


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