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Me and the baby boy from my most recent birth attended.

I had the lovely opportunity to attend not one but two beautiful births as a doula recently. Though very different circumstances for the birth families and very different birth outcomes, each of the births had one theme in common: counterpressure.

Both of the laboring moms I attended to this past weekend requested (and at several points in labor, demanded) counterpressure be placed on their lower back during contractions. I had rock hard biceps by the end of the weekend due to the counterpressure exercises carried out in hospital beds, hallways, bathtubs, birth balls, rocking chairs and toilets.

My work as a doula is some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. It is so satisfying. I find that I usually experience a birth high after each baby is born as I celebrate the new addition with elation with family, friends (anyone who will listen to me rant about the necessity of supported birth)!


2 thoughts on “Counterpressure

  1. I smile as I read this because I can totally image the positive and calming energy you bring to each birth along with support and strength for all involved. You are a wonderful person Janelle.

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