Strawberries & Rain

Finally! The rain ceased. I was eager to get out for a morning walk as soon as  I saw registered the sun light up the sky out my bedroom window. The raincloud parked over Moorhead the last few days attempted to dash my spirits and came very close several times.

1st attempt:
I decided to chance it and ride my bike to work and back  and got caught in a cloudburst. The bike, nor the girl, nor the shoes fared well! I shot an accusing glare toward my husband when I got home, standing drenched in the kitchen and demanding, “Why didn’t you answer your phone and come pick me up!” Whoa, not his fault. :S

2nd attempt:
After I wrestled Julia’s shoes on her, she promptly insisted, “Outside!” Sorry, sister, I won’t let you go mudding and puddling in Moorhead. A familiar wave of parenting guilt washed over me as I wasn’t able to give my child exactly what she wanted, in the exact moment she desired it…(I’m a Millennial trophy kid.) ;0)

And on the third day, sunshine. And strawberries. And swimming. And sunscreen.

Welcome back, summer. Summer, though our relationship is complicated and inconsistent, I look forward to  greeting making an effort to greet your sunrises and chasing down your sunsets. Thank you for your bounty. I’ll take your rain (and bugs, Oy vey) if you’ll kindly stretch your delightful temperatures into October (which is when I think my tomatoes might be ready).  Consider it!


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