Nora, Nate & Henry

My nephew is here! Henry was born on June 7 and Lukas and I went to meet the little man in Duluth. He’s gorgeous! My brother and his wife are so strong and were both pleased to get the healthy mom/healthy baby birth they’d planned with each other and their doula.

Though I never met their doula, I am over the moon about how highly my brother and sister-in-law spoke of her assistance in helping them achieve their natural childbirth. They trusted her and she trusted them. I think there are so many areas in medicine where doulas could be of great assistance. Open heart surgery doula. Hospice doula. Rotator cuff surgery doula.

Family members serve as great support preparing for the upcoming birth of a child. However, the addition of a doula sprinkles in the element of calm and reassurance for the family that is incomparably comforting!


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