Cycling / Sustainability

Bike Chain Power

I pedaled home on my bicycle from Lake Agassiz Regional Library to my home in North Moorhead for lunch today. I was feeling quite confident on my bike as I’d attended WIN Night at the FMCBW last night and am fresh with new knowledge about my freedom machine.

Just as my confidence peaked, my chain fell off going over a large bump in the road behind Scheel’s in Moorhead nearly pitching me off the bike. Normally, I would have fumbled for my communication device and phoned a friend to rescue me or walked in Scheel’s for help. With my new skills obtained at the shop, I took off my gloves and got my chain back on and kept on rolling down the road and was met with a lovely lunch and a beautiful family when I arrived home.

To many, this event may seem worthy of a gold star and not much else. I felt empowered, in control and truly free. I don’t feel that way around the family car. I feel like I am in a complicated relationship that necessitates a disinterested third party (auto mechanic) to help us work through our problems.

I’m a pragmatic girl and I strive to strike a balance between motorized and non-motorized transportation. (Pragmatic in part due to my current geographic location which isn’t as friendly to my cycling lifestyle for 4 months out of the year.)

Small victory for me. Thank you chain. Thank you bike. Thank you kind persons at the FMCBW teaching me to take charge of my transportation.

Fix it.


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